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Mad Dogs and Missionaries

Mad Dogs and Missionaries

screening at Christ Church, Warkworth

Sunday 28th September at 3 pm.

From the recent issue of Taonga http://anglicantaonga.org.nz Bishop John wonders why is it that Anglican hearts are so strangely unwarmed by the story of the missionaries we are supposed to be celebrating.  We mark the centenaries of wars with more enthusiasm. 

And if Anglicans are ambivalent about our missionaries, then the secular society and mainstream media are downright scornful.  What drives this prejudice?

There are two things.  One, a virulent anti-puritanism deep in the Kiwi psyche, and evident in our literature, that writes religious people in general, and missionaries in particular, as Bible-bashing, zealous wowsers.

Two, a suspicion of missionary motives for allowing (as if they could do anything to stop it) the wholesale breakdown of Pakeha – Maori relationships with the land wars of the 1860’s.

Out of some misplaced bicultural cringe, Pakeha Anglicans seem slow at celebrating the missionary story for fear of offending.

But underneath this abiding unpopularity of missionaries is a simple, old-fashioned bewilderment.

Why on earth did they do what they did, often from a background of education and privilege, at such cost to themselves and their families?

Were they crazy, in the sense mad dogs and Englishmen are when they go out in the midday sun?

This presentation helps us to understand some of the story behind these seemingly ‘mad dogs and missionaries.’     

Within the presentation is the story of 17 year old Michael Noonan who was shot from his horse and killed in action against Te Kooti’s forces in 1867.   Bishop Bluck’s daughter, Jessica has turned his story into a short film which imagines young trooper Noonan’s short life, defined as it was by missionaries and the consequences of their work.

So, if you have been wondering how to find out more about the bi-centennial year this is your opportunity.  Christ Church, Warkworth, 28th September at 3 pm.

St. Leonardís Centenary

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PARISH FAIR – St. Leonard’s Matakana -18th October

Setting up from 8 am - selling from 9.30 am

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There will be the usual stalls available – stall holders if you are willing to

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