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Parish Lunch

Parish Lunch - Sunday 24th August, noon for 12.30pm

This year’s parish lunch will take place at the Bowling Club in Mill Lane gathering at Noon for lunch at 12.30pm.  Adult’s $25.00 – children under 12 years of age $5.00, children under 5 free.   Tickets available from Jan today or write your name on the clipboard in the foyer and

the office will arrange your tickets. 

* Drinks will be available at the bar.


Blueprints for Murder

The REK Construction company party at Mario’s famous Italian restaurant is in full swing, but construction manager, Richard de Brik, hasn’t arrived yet. 
He’s been detained: in six feet of concrete.

Investigating Office Pat O’Really interrupts the party with the news.  It seems this isn’t the first accident to have occurred on Mario the Mobster’s construction site: the work has been cursed from the very start.  Which clumsy construction worker was it?   This time it was fatal.  But it was no accident.  It seems someone had their hands on the perfect blueprint for murder.

Come prepared to analyse the clues, the behaviour, the nuances

and solve the crime!



Iraqui Christians of Mosul


In response to the desperate plight of Christians and other minorities caught up in the present crisis in northern Iraq our Bishops call us to urgent prayer, as individuals and as congregations, and invite participation in the following:

·  Attend the Solidarity Gathering with the Chaldean Catholic Church, at St Patrick’s Cathedral, 43 Wyndham Street, Auckland, 2.00pm Saturday 30 August

·  Donate to the ‘Hope for Iraq Fund’ ASB account number  12-3026-0469396-51

·  Sign the online petition   http://www.citizengo.org/en/9810-save-iraqi-christian-community

St Leonard's Photos

St. Leonard’s Centenary occasion photos are available on http://www.ianpiddington.org/Events/St%20Leonards/.  If you would like to order photos please email Ann Mansfield with photo, number and size required.  

Cost of prints are:-

·          10cmX10cm, 10cmx15cm,10cmx13cm are all about $0.20 each

·          10cmX20cm are about $0.30 each

·          13cmx18cm are about $0.50 each

·          15X20 are about $3.00 each

20X25 are about $4.00 each
  This will be held on Saturday, 30th August, in the Anglican Parish Hall, and will be led by Bridie Southall, from Whangarei, whom we met last year.  Arrive at 9.30am for 10am start, finishing at 3pm.  Please bring Your bible, pen and paper for any notes, a plate of finger food for a shared lunch, tea and coffee provided, and a koha towards Bridie's travel and materials.  All are welcome.  Any queries contact Mary Starr 425 5664.
EMERGENCY APPEAL FOR THE AL-AHLI HOSPITAL IN GAZA  The crisis in Gaza has the hospitals in the region struggling with shortages in medicine, fuel for the electrical generators, and food for patients, staff, and the people in the surrounding community. The Al-Ahli Hospital has suffered structural damage to the ventilation systems in the operating theatre and emergency room, and damage to many windows. Hospital staff are working around the clock receiving the wounded and providing emergency care.  The Diocese of Jerusalem is appealing for donations to provide the Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza with urgent supplies for during the war and post-war rehabilitation.   If you would like to donate send your donation to Anglican Missions, make a cheque out to “Anglican Missions” and include a note advising it is for “Al Ahli Hospital, Gaza Appeal”, together with your name and address (for receipt), to: FreePost AMB PO Box 12012 Thorndon WELLINGTON 6144 or Online at www.angmissions.org.nz by Visa or MasterCard to “Appeals: Al Ahli Arab (Anglican) Hospital in Gaza”.
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