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Morning and Evening Daily Prayers

Taken from the New Zealand Prayer Book

Due to the wonders of modern technology the above services are available

online – go to david.guthrie.net.nz/podstream.xml – you will also need to

make sure you have ITunes downloaded onto your computer – if you haven’t

got Itunes it is easy to download – google Itunes and follow the download instructions and it is free.



 We are on Facebook – go in and ‘like’ us then tell your families and friends to do the same. If you have a Facebook account type in "Warkworth Anglican Parish" at the top under ‘search for people and friends.’


If you notice minor repairs and maintenance at any of our churches,

please contact:

Trevor Managh:424 7216

or if they are unavailable the Parishioners’ Warden:

Edna Dyson 425 8122

“In Touch”
Regular “In Touch” emails  If you would like to receive the “In Touch” please email the office at www.anglican-warkworth.org
8.00 am Worship Services:
 We now hold an 8.00am service at Christ Church every Sunday. The 1st & 5th Sundays will use the Book of Common Prayer and the 2nd, 3rd & 4th Sundays will use the New Zealand Prayer Book.
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